Friday, April 29, 2011

What to do next.

There are no more babies that I know of coming anytime soon so I have no reason to make any more little quilts.  This leaves my next project totally open.  Some projects I have in mind:

Cathedral Window blocks (maybe a pillow)
Union Jack blocks
Aneela Hoey's  Crazy Scrappy blocks 
Spiderweb blocks

I just ordered a scrap pack from a seller on Etsy so hopefully this will be a good start for a scrappy quilt or the cathedral windows.  I have a tumbler quilt that has some rows done but I've lost interest in it.  I may mess with it to kill time until my new stuff arrives.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Quilts I have made

I made this robots & rockets quilt for my son before he was born.  It was the 2nd one I had ever made.

I had to make a zig zag quilt and fortunately there is a baby boy arriving soon needed one.
I also made him a bumble bee to match.  I used the pattern from  Bit Of Whimsy.

This one was made from Tanya Whelan's Delilah fabric line.  My girlfriend has a baby girl due any day too.  She and her husband got married in Paris, so I appliqued an Eiffel Tower on the back with thier last name on it.  She also got a matching bumblebee.