Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Peacock Lane Swoon Block #5 and a cool pincushion

I knew I was on the burnout end of sewing for a bit so I took a break.  I also thought I was going into labor Saturday, Sunday, and Monday but all the activity has calmed down and nothing has happened.  I'm thinking it will be any day now, has to be because I don't know how much longer I can make it. 
Monday night I got warmed up again and made this simple pin cushion found here.  Like I said when I pinned it on Pinterest, so simple it's genius!

I finished this block up today.  Probably my worst seams yet, but who is really looking that closely.

Only 7 more to go.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Peacock Swoon Block #4

Another one down, just can't stop :^) Time for sleep now...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Peacock Swoon Block #3

Love these blues & greens. I think I have one more block in me before I take a break. I feel a slight sewing burnout coming on. I can't help but keep going though, I'm so anxious to see all the fabric combos and completed blocks together. I must say, having all my pieces cut out & ready to go helps speed the process along big time. How's everyone else doing?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Peacock Swoon Block #2

Finished this one tonight. Might as well get a little ahead while I'm in sewing mode and still have time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Peacock Swoon Teams and Block #1

All of my prints are matched up ready to go with their coordinating partner.  I plan on making this a 12 block quilt which will be huge but I want to use every single print.

  I have all my white background fabric cut up and organized too.  I decided to go with Kona White, as to not have any other color competing with the main prints.  This is my second go around with this pattern and I learned a few things. 
My 1/4 inch seams suck even with the guide foot.  I try but my HST's usually end up off a bit.  I am starching all of my prints and I think it helps big time against my HST distortion.  I am starching the cut white pieces as I go.  When I press them, I'm pressing them in half too so that way I don't have to mark the lines or use pins.  With this block I haven't had to trim much at all which is great.  Also, I get really impatient with pressing and sewing and pressing and sewing again so I rush through, not ironing properly.  It really helps to press all the seams open and its worth the time & effort.

Peacock Swoon Block #1

Monday, January 9, 2012


Swoon 4Swoon 5Swoon 6Swoon Quilt AlongGetting ready to make my Figgy Pudding Swoon quiltSwoon Block 1
SwoonAlong---Block 1Blue & Green Swoon Quilt Block #3AMH SwoonedAMH SwoonedSunday Stash #37Swoon - 6 blocks so far
Swoon 3rd blockSwoon block oneSwoon Along buttonTerrain Swoon - picking the fabricsSwoon Block #1Blue & Green Swoon Quilt Block #1
Blue & Green Swoon Quilt Block #2Swoon Quilt Along FabricsSwoon BlockFinished Swoon Quilt12 blocks of sunshineFinished Swoon Quilt!!!!

Swoon-along, a group on Flickr.

I'm in!

Recent Works

I have managed to do some sewing here and there.  With the baby coming I feel rushed, like I'm on a deadline to get certain things done.  Most importantly, his quilt.  I have it quilted, all I am waiting on is the binding fabric in the mail.  It's been lost by the USPS in Detroit somewhere for over a week.  Very frustrating.  Here is a peek:

I pieced the back from FQ's in the collection that I didn't use.  I love it so far and really want to get it finished.  Hopefully my fabric arrives before the baby does.

I made a flannel bunting for the baby too.  Sabra from Sew A Straight Line inspired me to figure out the free pattern from this Japanese blog to make one.  It wasn't too bad to figure out from the photos on the other pages.  I just hope it fits.

And last, I made some more awesome Baprons from the free pattern at Craftiness Is Not Optional.  These girly themed ones are gifts for my niece and one of my BF's daughter.  Once you get in the groove, they come together pretty fast.  My favorite is the green polka dot with rainbow trim.  That bias tape reminds me of candy!

I've joined the Swoon Along set up by Katy of I'm A Ginger Monkey.  Here is the link to the Flickr group.  I had been saving my Peacock Lane bundle especially for this pattern.  Everytime I imagine what the quilt will look like I get so excited!  I guess this is a sign that I should get started.  There is a lot of sewing ahead of me though.  I am going to start with ironing and starching, and then I will cut!