Friday, December 2, 2011

30 Weeks...

Pregnant with baby boy #2 and I cannot sleep whatsoever, so here I am.  This is what I am currently working on.

Some HST's and QST's made with the boys side of the Sarah Jane, Children at Play fabric collection.  These will be made into pinwheel blocks based off the Pinwheel #8 instructions on Quilter's Cache.  I was looking for the perfect pinwheel design and I found this.  I love the circular style to it and I think these fabrics will look awesome all spinning together.  This is going to be a quilt for my baby boy arriving soon.  Time to get sewing.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Finishes pt. II

The next WIP I knocked out is a super sweet girly quilt.  Another gift for a niece.  It was made using Children at Play fabric and stack n' whack boxes from Allison's awesome tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew.  Her blog is one of the first I ever found and one of my top favorites. 
This fabric makes me wish I had a girl so I could keep the quilt.  It's soooooo pretty and sweet!  I have to say this might be my most favorite quilt I've made yet.  I went with simple straight line quilting.

And last but not least, I cranked out a pillow while my honey was away hunting this weekend.  It was my 1st time making cording but it wasn't bad and I am so proud of how it came out.  I used this tutorial on Fat Quarterly.  I do have an Accuquilt Go! Baby but I do not have the tumbler die so I used leftover plexiglass to make myself a cutting template.  Worked great and I kept money in my pocket.  Can't beat that!
The fabric is the Rendezvous collection by Khristian A. Howell for Anthology.  Along with trying the cording for the 1st time, I also included an invisible zipper.  The video tutorials by this guy were super helpful!

That is all for now.  I was in a sewing mood and glad I got a lot of projects completed.  Now I can cut into some new stuff !  Thanks for reading.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

November Finishes

My Swoon quilt was intended to be a full size quilt for my bed, but wingin' it with the color choices didn't work out.  Instead, I made 2 more blocks to at least make it into a quilt and I stopped there.  I really have some color picking issues and have decided that I will try to stick to collections where the fabrics are all coordinated.  I finished the backing and binding with leftover fabric from other stuff.  I'm not crazy about this quilt but the one thing I do like is the quilting I did.  I like the radiating v's in all 4 directions.

Next up, is my Honey Child quilt, made with Sis Boom fabric by Jennifer Paganelli.  I used Elizabeth's New Wave Pattern found here.  I really wanted to show off the fabrics instead of cutting them up into little pieces so this pattern was perfect for that.  I love how modern it is.  I got plexiglass from Lowes and made my own template.  Inexpensive and easy!  The cheerio backing fabric is from Joanne's.  The quilting is really simple.  This is a Christmas gift for one of our nieces.

I loved the fabric so much, I made myself a Dresden pillow.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lots of stuff in progress

Swoon blocks 2 & 3  are complete

Not sure if I am loving the random approach to selecting the colors.  I like each block individually, and the 3 I've made so far look good together but I'm not sure where to go next with the color.  This quilt is nice to work on a little bit at a time.  I cut my pieces as I go and its really relaxing putting these together.  My next block is going to be aqua and red.  After that I have no idea.

Here is a pic of my two most recent zig zag rainbow quilts.  One was a gift for a baby girl just born this weekend and the other is for my son.

My favorite part is the black and white stripe binding.  Its the perfect border for these quilts.

I am almost done with a quilt I am making with these lovelies.
I love this collection!  It's Honey Child by Jennifer Paganelli.  The quilt is going to be a Christmas gift for one of the little girls in our family.  Its already basted, waiting to be quilted and bound.  I am just waiting on my Jaws quilt clips to come in the mail. This is the biggest quilt I have made so far and I am going to need all the help I can get to manage it through my machine.

The last work in progress is this

The circles will be extra poofy.  I used water soluble thread to go for the trapunto effect. 
I love all the colors!

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Swoon Block #1

I finished my first Swoon block and I love it! 

I've been a follower of Angela at Fussy Cut for a while now, and after seeing the progression of all her beautiful blocks I couldn't resist buying Camille Rosskelley's pattern myself.  I really enjoyed making this block because I knew it would turn out pretty, and the directions were easy to follow.  It was fun to put a big puzzle together.

The yellow and pink fabric is from Joanne's and Hancock, and the background fabric is Kona Ivory.  I had never made flying geese before and I had some issues when I tried to take a shortcut but everything still turned out nicely.  I purchased the entire amount of the background fabric at once because I didn't want to get mismatched colors from different bolts, but the fat quarters I am going to buy 2 at a time 
A.  because I can't afford to buy 18 FQ's at once and
B.  It will give me plenty of reasons to visit the fabric store. :^)

I already have some olive and turquoise fabric cut up ready to go for my next block, which I am about to go get started on.

Here is a shot of my son on the rainbow zigzag quilt I made him.  I love the black & white stripe binding, it really makes the quilt.  And of course the lil nugget sitting on top makes it all come together pretty sweetly!

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Building up my stash

So I got my mystery scrap pack in the mail today.  It was like Christmas waiting for the mail lady to bring me my treats.  At first I was kind of disappointed in what I got, but now after organizing and mixing up I am a bit happier.  I did order another scrap pack from a different seller.  Hopefully she will send me some better stuff.  Here is my growing stash from many angles. :^)

I love seeing all the colors together.

I guess I have a preference for turquoise.

I am really happy with my group of greens.

all bundled up

Friday, April 29, 2011

What to do next.

There are no more babies that I know of coming anytime soon so I have no reason to make any more little quilts.  This leaves my next project totally open.  Some projects I have in mind:

Cathedral Window blocks (maybe a pillow)
Union Jack blocks
Aneela Hoey's  Crazy Scrappy blocks 
Spiderweb blocks

I just ordered a scrap pack from a seller on Etsy so hopefully this will be a good start for a scrappy quilt or the cathedral windows.  I have a tumbler quilt that has some rows done but I've lost interest in it.  I may mess with it to kill time until my new stuff arrives.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Quilts I have made

I made this robots & rockets quilt for my son before he was born.  It was the 2nd one I had ever made.

I had to make a zig zag quilt and fortunately there is a baby boy arriving soon needed one.
I also made him a bumble bee to match.  I used the pattern from  Bit Of Whimsy.

This one was made from Tanya Whelan's Delilah fabric line.  My girlfriend has a baby girl due any day too.  She and her husband got married in Paris, so I appliqued an Eiffel Tower on the back with thier last name on it.  She also got a matching bumblebee.