Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Change of Address

Hi everyone!  I have decided to change my blog name and address to something a little simpler.  I hadn't been loving the sew addicted name for a while now and finally a better name came to me.

Cut. Sew. Press. Love.

1-Header files

It feels so right!  I made a pretty header for it and everything, and I don't think there is anything too similar out there.  I don't want to copy anyone :^(  I also think that if I ever do decide to sell any handmade items, this name will look better on a label. 
So there it is a new name and new address.
I really hope it isn't too much of a pain in the butt for you guys to update your subscriptions and follow me over to my new place.  There is a new post up, here is a peek

jewel star

Hope to see you guys on flipside!  Thanks for reading.