Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Peacock Swoon Teams and Block #1

All of my prints are matched up ready to go with their coordinating partner.  I plan on making this a 12 block quilt which will be huge but I want to use every single print.

  I have all my white background fabric cut up and organized too.  I decided to go with Kona White, as to not have any other color competing with the main prints.  This is my second go around with this pattern and I learned a few things. 
My 1/4 inch seams suck even with the guide foot.  I try but my HST's usually end up off a bit.  I am starching all of my prints and I think it helps big time against my HST distortion.  I am starching the cut white pieces as I go.  When I press them, I'm pressing them in half too so that way I don't have to mark the lines or use pins.  With this block I haven't had to trim much at all which is great.  Also, I get really impatient with pressing and sewing and pressing and sewing again so I rush through, not ironing properly.  It really helps to press all the seams open and its worth the time & effort.

Peacock Swoon Block #1

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  1. This is going to be so pretty! I really enjoyed reading all of your tips and tricks for this pattern. I am a huge fan of spray starch! I have heard elsewhere that being diligent with pressing the seams is really important. So, I have been warned! Looking forward to seeing more!