Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sorbetto, Tornado, and keep calm

A while back I made a Sorbetto top.  It went smoothly, and I even did a full bust adjustment.  The way the top fits is nice.  I used some Denyse Schmidt Aunt Edna fabric from Joanne's.  It's pretty fabric but I think it's just a bit too heavy to be right for this top.  It feels like I'm wearing a scrub top.  I may add some buttons to dress it up a bit.

I enjoyed that Colette pattern so much I felt brave enough to attempt the Iris shorts.

  Everything was going well until I got to the waistband part.  For some reason it seems like my waistband is too short, but I've cut carefully and I have been meticulous with my 5/8 seam allowance.  I cannot figure it out so hopefully my friend can help me.  It is now in a bag, on a shelf, away where it can't frustrate me. 

These came in the mail recently.

I absolutely love the keep calm print!  I only ordered 1/2 a yard but I think I want to buy more.  How cute would a bag be in this print.

I started another project.  I knew I shouldn't have but I was itching to so, oh well.

In other news, we had a tornado touch down in the back yard today.  It was really scary!  I was in a closet with the boys, a flashlight, a bottle of water, and a phone.

Thankfully we are all safe and had minimal damage, but other people in the neighborhood weren't so fortunate.  I always thought I was pretty safe from most natural disasters living in Virginia, but between the earthquake last year and now tornadoes, I know crazy weather can happen anywhere.  Hope you all are well!

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